Dukki Min

Dukki Min graduated from the Paju Typography Institute (PaTI) in 2021. Min is conducting the gghii project to produce things that are closely related to our daily lives with the aim of experiencing various senses. This spring, Min participated in the exhibition turn turn turn: nalllballlae, which was held at Factory2 together with his former schoolmates Jeong Haemin and Ju Eunhyeong. In the summer, he joined Pure Land, the opening exhibition of Cociety Village Jeju, with installation work. He is also working on various parts of production and exhibition installation. He always looks for the energy that is emitted when more than one sense is opened at the same time, and cherishes learning in the process of exploring materials. He likes learning, especially learning with his body, so he actively joins projects where he can work manually.

  • Seoul, South Korea


What is created by connecting all the intermediate processes is the fruition of life.

The fruit is new life itself and contains new life (0) in it. In addition, it sometimes disappears without being able to reach the next stage of life (0). Using the concepts of “inclusion” and “fruition,” this work builds several forms of globes by layering paper in the form of a net and figuratively protecting new life that exists in the deepest core. The characters that are seen through the gaps in the protective barriers appear to be weak at a glance, but when the time comes, they break through one layer after another and become harder.

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2. Land of Symbols

Records about life have been handed down in various ways. Later generations analyze the clues of records within the framework of the times, imagine the past, and add interpretations to recreate another form of life. The act of recording may be a basic instinct with a mixture of human duties and desires revealed within the cycle of creation and extinction. In “Land of symbols,” five craftspeople create hieroglyphs that resemble plants. By capturing the meaning of circulation & connection, foundation & support, balance & mediation, harmony & blooming, and inclusion & fruition, they produce characters that reveal the unique properties of materials (soil, metal, glass, fiber, paper) through their repetitive manual labor. The hand-made characters will gain new life through the next-generation’s decoding, and will deliver the meaning of regeneration and recovery.

Slowly with a turtle
Quickly with a crane
With a Turtle
With a Crane