Tyodi Hyojin Lee is the co-founder/creative director of TUKATA, and Hayeoung Jung is the co-founder/creative director of TUKATA, Korean lifestyle brand. They aim to reinterpret everyday objects from a new perspective and deliver new values to customers, and tries to create a happy future by delivering fresh insights and valuable experiences to customers with TUKATA’s long-lifestyle.

The World’s Longest Name

TUKATA intends to reinterpret this world’s longest name, ‘Kim Suhanmu Turtle and Crane…’ in the artist’s own style and talk about the desires and symbolism that each symbol of the name stands for, by using various materials. TUKATA truly hope that the creator’s sincere wish for people’s longevity and wellness would be well delivered, evoking healthy laughter.

  • 2021
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Under the theme of harmony and balance, “Presence and Persistence” invites 11 teams of artists from Korea and other counties who have shown positive and creative homeostasis, including Helmo (Montreuil, France) and Miju Lee (Busan, Korea), There is also the in-house Ghost Collective (Seoul), Studio Spass (Rotterdam), Club Sans (Seoul, Reims), Bin Koh (Amsterdam), Simo Tse (Amsterdam), Dongwan Kook (Seoul), Naky Hwang (London), and TUKATA® (Incheon). Works by these artists invited from a number of cities are installed all over the exhibition venue, and Culture Station Seoul 284 connects all these different parts of the event. This part consists of leading works of Typojanchi 2021, expressing the theme “Typography and Life” in the most profound way.

Slowly with a turtle
Quickly with a crane
With a Turtle
With a Crane