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Maru Buri, a Record of 4 Years

The font doesn’t stay in just one shape. There were types of engraving in places such as stones, wood, and keel, and as paper and printing skills developed, there were printing types of wood type, metal type, and photographic type. The font became more efficient and readable according to the environment as if it were evolving, and at the same time, it has changed into an aesthetic type.

In the late 1970s, personal computers appeared, and the font environment gradually moved from paper to screen. During this process, the San-serif type successfully evolved to fit the screen, but the Serif type stagnated. Maru Buri was designed by sharing and reflecting opinions with several users on the Serif type, which is being shunned on the screen. Starting with preliminary research in 2018, we introduce the four-year record of the Maru Buri font design process to be published on Hangeul Day in 2021. We hope that through Maru Buri, the digital visual culture will be more organized as who we are, and the unique aesthetics of Hangeul can bloom in digital devices.

  • 2021
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Under the theme of harmony and balance, “Presence and Persistence” invites 11 teams of artists from Korea and other counties who have shown positive and creative homeostasis, including Helmo (Montreuil, France) and Miju Lee (Busan, Korea), There is also the in-house Ghost Collective (Seoul), Studio Spass (Rotterdam), Club Sans (Seoul, Reims), Bin Koh (Amsterdam), Simo Tse (Amsterdam), Dongwan Kook (Seoul), Naky Hwang (London), and TUKATA® (Incheon). Works by these artists invited from a number of cities are installed all over the exhibition venue, and Culture Station Seoul 284 connects all these different parts of the event. This part consists of leading works of Typojanchi 2021, expressing the theme “Typography and Life” in the most profound way.

Slowly with a turtle
Quickly with a crane
With a Turtle
With a Crane