Hyunjin Kim

Hyunjin Kim is a font designer and graphic designer based in Seoul. Kim enjoys exploring unfamiliar but beautiful forms of letters, and always wants to find Hangeul typefaces with new impressions. As a font designer, Kim’s personal goal is to discover something new in the empty coordinates of the Hangeul font map. In addition to fonts, Kim is also working on design projects in various fields.

Occult Type

The designer found strange similarities in the visual and functional aspects of gut (shamanic rituals), the act of praying for good luck, and senior citizens’ memes. The designer then transferred their energy to font design. The eight words, which are used at a high frequency in senior citizens’ memes and contain key messages, appear on the screen and make a wish for the wellbeing of the viewer.

  • Single-channel video
  • 2021
  • Coming soon.
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3. ♥︎4U

In a group cell phone chat window where a family is gathered, they share messages wishing for the well-being of their family members. Those image files are intriguing. The text gathering all the positive words in the world and old-fashioned images are combined in the memes, which contain sincerity praying for the happiness of their family. People have long wished for the well-being of their family. In ‘♥4U’, font designers and photographers send warm replies to the messages they have received using text and images, the two key elements of the greetings wishing for the receiver’s well-being. When considering the real time and spatial environment in which not only Internet memes but also greetings are shared, we can come up with the front of the memorial service table on the morning of a Korean holiday. At this exhibition, through the friendly-looking, old TV sets installed in front of the folding screen and the messages contained in them, we hope viewers will get an opportunity to look at common memes shared between family members from a new perspective.

Slowly with a turtle
Quickly with a crane
With a Turtle
With a Crane