Texture on Texture

Texture on Texture has been working in Seoul since 2015. The studio carries out photography-related projects with a variety of brands and media, artists, and designers. It has participated in solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions.


Older people ask after people as they subtly cross the lines between greetings—words of blessing, superstitions, and nagging (jansori). Even records from scholars in the mid-Joseon period show that they were tired of family members nagging them, so we can see that people have always wanted to offer affectionate messages in one way or another, although its style has changed due to the development of technology.

Jan-sori now takes the form of pictorial ideographs (munjado), reinterpreting the thoughts, aspirations, and aesthetics of senior citizens. The main theme of munjado is to “be faithful to your parents, strengthen brotherhoods, be loyal to your country, never forget your fidelity, and live with good manners and integrity.” These are all connected with many meanings of senior citizen memes. Various symbols and elements in senior citizen memes (which the elderly send while expecting their family members will gladly receive them), such as flowers and grass, medicinal herbs and healthy foods, are placed in the strokes of the text, making the surface of the “nagging” more beautiful. The Chinese phrase “少不勤學老後悔” is a well-known idiom, and something considered as nagging by the younger generation. It means that if you don’t study hard when you are young, you will regret it when you are old.

  • 4150 × 1800 mm
  • Digital print
  • 2021
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3. ♥︎4U

In a group cell phone chat window where a family is gathered, they share messages wishing for the well-being of their family members. Those image files are intriguing. The text gathering all the positive words in the world and old-fashioned images are combined in the memes, which contain sincerity praying for the happiness of their family. People have long wished for the well-being of their family. In ‘♥4U’, font designers and photographers send warm replies to the messages they have received using text and images, the two key elements of the greetings wishing for the receiver’s well-being. When considering the real time and spatial environment in which not only Internet memes but also greetings are shared, we can come up with the front of the memorial service table on the morning of a Korean holiday. At this exhibition, through the friendly-looking, old TV sets installed in front of the folding screen and the messages contained in them, we hope viewers will get an opportunity to look at common memes shared between family members from a new perspective.

Slowly with a turtle
Quickly with a crane
With a Turtle
With a Crane