Jaena Jung and Doi Jung are working as a creative team under the name of Greatminor. Based on the exploration of form and structure, they have been doing craft-based works for years. They are presented in various categories, ranging from small objects to installations.

CTC (Circle To Circle)

The moon and the sun in the sky. Time that goes by infinitely. A ring that promises eternity. Probably because of the morphological characteristics of a circle that circulates, connects, and repeats indefinitely, things that conjure up absolute eternity deliver their symbolism through the form of a circle. The circle, which has no distinction between its beginning and end, is likened to entirety and eternity in the integration of consciousness and unconsciousness, enabling a story about symbolic functions of form. We decided to explore the formative function of the circle that can deliver an alluring visual story of the circle.

Like its properties, circles become one as the starting point, process, and result of this idea. Circle to Circle (CTC), which structurally represents the story of a circle, is the result of our formative experiment to capture its connectivity, repeatability, and extensibility based on the exploration of its physical functions. The combination of a circle and another circle is replaced by the familiar image of a paper chain, which extends seemingly indefinitely, even with a limited number of circles. This reminds viewers of the organically proliferating nature of a circle, and again its infinite eternity. Through a circle that simply captures everything, we face the form of the universe, and project onto it the image of us wishing for the wellbeing of all.

  • Variable size
  • 2021
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1. A Sacred Tree

Humans have long visualized abstract concepts such as religion and law using writing systems. We make amulets for the purpose of praying for the happiness of individuals and groups, or fortunetelling, and sometimes record human wishes with text, including the interpretation of the operation of the universe. Such a behavior has been handed down from ancient times to the present in similar patterns. It is a fundamental human desire to avoid fear about invisible beings and phenomena as well as ill luck and to pray for blessings. ‘A Sacred Tree’ deals with the wishes and beliefs of artists who have shown unique visual expressions. This part highlights the balance of life and an attitude to wish for it (Dohee Kwon), the wisdom from tradition and experience (Zhao Liu), the symbol of good luck based on personal experience (Studio Bergini), our destiny that embraces both much of our joy and sadness at the same time (Anthony Lam), the return to the most basic attitude (Atelier Tout va Bien), words to bear in mind (Ahn Mano), the balance between given destiny and desire (O.OO), a circulation of the world and a mind that calmly contemplates life while observing it (Hwayoung Lee), amulets for confirming one’s beliefs (Ikki Kobayashi), and criticism of society and culture (Tnop Wangsillapakun). These artists’ thoughts and emotions are installed like traditional five- colored ribbons hanging from a sacred tree just as in Korean villages for centuries. We hope viewers will find many of their wishes captured in the works made of characters and symbols of several cultures and enjoy them together.

Slowly with a turtle
Quickly with a crane
With a Turtle
With a Crane