Taipei-based design studio O.OO is formed by two graphic designers. They are dedicated to create designs that are more experimental with the use of Risograph printing technol- ogy. The Risograph printing technology has become one of their significant characteris- tics. Over the past three years, their works were selected as Excellent Work by TDC New York and Tokyo, and were featured in popular design publications such as Victionary, BranD, Idea Magazine and other cultural media. The Imperfection Booklets by O.OO was also voted as the Top 25 Graphic Design of 2016 in It’s Nice That. In addition to graphic design and Risograph printing, O.OO will create new works and projects from time to time to influence and inspire the design circle in the near future.

Between Palms & Desires: Fates

In life, people always pray for luck and happiness to happen to themselves, and even hope to spy on future and avoid disasters. In East Asia, there is a knowledge called palmprint visualization. People can know the fate in advance by reading palmprints, so the hands are like a book full of words, telling a person’s life. However, how should we balance our desires in a given destiny?

  • 2200 × 1200 mm
  • Pigment print
  • 2021
  • Coming soon.
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1. A Sacred Tree

Humans have long visualized abstract concepts such as religion and law using writing systems. We make amulets for the purpose of praying for the happiness of individuals and groups, or fortunetelling, and sometimes record human wishes with text, including the interpretation of the operation of the universe. Such a behavior has been handed down from ancient times to the present in similar patterns. It is a fundamental human desire to avoid fear about invisible beings and phenomena as well as ill luck and to pray for blessings. ‘A Sacred Tree’ deals with the wishes and beliefs of artists who have shown unique visual expressions. This part highlights the balance of life and an attitude to wish for it (Dohee Kwon), the wisdom from tradition and experience (Zhao Liu), the symbol of good luck based on personal experience (Studio Bergini), our destiny that embraces both much of our joy and sadness at the same time (Anthony Lam), the return to the most basic attitude (Atelier Tout va Bien), words to bear in mind (Ahn Mano), the balance between given destiny and desire (O.OO), a circulation of the world and a mind that calmly contemplates life while observing it (Hwayoung Lee), amulets for confirming one’s beliefs (Ikki Kobayashi), and criticism of society and culture (Tnop Wangsillapakun). These artists’ thoughts and emotions are installed like traditional five- colored ribbons hanging from a sacred tree just as in Korean villages for centuries. We hope viewers will find many of their wishes captured in the works made of characters and symbols of several cultures and enjoy them together.

Slowly with a turtle
Quickly with a crane
With a Turtle
With a Crane