Typojanchi 2021: A Turtle and A Crane

Bin Koh

Bin Koh is a visual artist based in Amsterdam. She holds an MA from Sandberg Instituut, Master of Voice. Bin’s practice—from graphics, to voice and performance— focuses on how the visual and aural presentation of the female body and voice are mechanized in digital and social labor systems. Her research formalises in a visual/performative language with a spectrum of hospitality and hostility.

Machines in the Private Domain

Machines in the Private Domain starts from the question of what it is like to be freed from labor by machines. The Czech philosopher Vilém Flusser emphasizes in his book Gestures that the state liberated from labor by the machine does not become a subject of history, but only serves as a function of consumption and apparatus.

For this work, Bin Koh imagines the modulation of home appliances in a domestic environment. When homes become digitized and home appliances become more complex and recursive, how can humans who are working for domestic labor live and adapt with this new apparatus? She tries to follow the trajectory of speculation of domestic labor in the new digital environment, hoping that the invisibility and alienation of domestic works become more visible.

  • Digital print, plastic, metal
  • 1700 × 600 mm
  • 2000 × 900 mm
  • 1800 × 450 mm
  • 2021
  • Machines in the Private Domain
    Bin Koh, Machines in the Private Domain
  • Machines in the Private Domain
    Bin Koh, Machines in the Private Domain


Under the theme of harmony and balance, “Presence and Persistence” invites 13 teams of artists from Korea and other counties who have shown positive and creative homeostasis, including Helmo (Montreuil) and Miju Lee (Busan). There are also the inhouse Ghost Collective (Seoul), Studio Spass (Rotterdam), Club Sans (Seoul, Reims), Bin Koh (Amsterdam), Simo Tse (Amsterdam), Dongwan Kook (Seoul), Naky Hwang (London), and TUKATA® (Incheon). Works by these artists invited from a number of cities are installed all over the exhibition venue, and Culture Station Seoul 284 connects all these different parts of the event. This part consists of leading works of Typojanchi 2021, expressing the theme “Typography and Life” in the most profound way.

With a turtle
With a crane
Slowly with a turtle
Quickly with a crane