Event Theme - 타이포잔치 국제 타이포그래피 비엔날레

Event Theme

‘Typojanchi 2019, Typography and Objects’ is about some ways of gathering letters and objects.
This is about typography which involves objects, letters that adopt the forms of objects, one object and typography, diverse stories on objects and typography, the object which is related to typography, and the common point between objects and typography endlessly circulates without a start or end.
Most letters create numerous words by combining some symbols. The same principle applies to typography, which requires letters as the main material. Typography is an action to create a rule by dividing, sorting, combining, and composing. What is the principle of the object? As the principle of the universe, human culture and history have been in the process of finding rules from chaos. Most of the objects in our culture were created by the rules of the combination according to the human mind and the cosmic law resonating with each other. The Concrete, such as architecture and machinery, and the Abstract, like mathematics and music, are all created according to the rules of the combination.
Letters are the symbolized form of the objects, and at the same time, it can be seen as the objects themselves. Letters are also the most striking material about the rules of the combination. We are trying to look at the relationship between letters and objects as a clue to decomposition and assembly, the core of typography.
Originally, typography was a way to use letters. However, when focusing on its action, typography can be rediscovered as objects. This is because today’s typography is no longer judged by the use of letters. Whereas letters used to be considered the only ingredient, typography now includes pictures, photographs, symbols, movements, sounds, and almost anything else.
‘Typojanchi 2019, Typography and Object’ consists of six subcategories: Kaleidoscopes, Polyhedrons, Clocks, Corners, Sundries, and Plants. The six titles, which seem difficult to relate to each other, refer to the names of things that symbolize the way typography meets the objects.

Typojanchi 2019: International Typography Biennale Art Director
Jin Dallae & Park Woohyuk