Event Theme - 타이포잔치 국제 타이포그래피 비엔날레

Event Theme

New Imagination

Human being started the “history” with letters, thus the history of letters meant nothing but the history of human communication. Letters, on which human civilization is founded, has functioned as the backbone of human culture, thought, and artistic imagination. Nowadays, letters surround us with every kind of information from printed media such as books and newspapers, to street signs to digital information media. Our age cannot be free from letters. Therefore, letters become the central medium which symbolizes the cultural characteristics and identity of a society. The vitality of letters is now growing to include a new sense and a new image.

Korea stands in the forefront of the typographical culture with the two events: in terms of design, Korea has Hangeul, the youngest but the most darting alphabet, and korean people invented metal type for the first time in the world. If we say there are three major cultural regions in the world, which use the latin alphabet, chinese characters, and arabic letters respectively, then Hangeul is really singular in its nature: Hangeul, born in the east asian chinese culture where ideogram was used, is a phonogram and embodies the characteristics of the letters of both the east and the west. This understanding became the motive of opening the “Janchi,” where we can sense, view, and invite the world typography and where we can contribute to the cultural development of the world. With the “New Imagination,” the message behind the invention of Hangeul and the metal typography…

Excerpt: Typojanchi of concern and sharing, with the new imagination…

Ahn Sang-soo
Chair, Typojanchi Oranizing Committee