Typojanchi 2013
Seoul International Typography Biennale

August 30–October 11
10:00 am– 7:00 pm
Closed every Monday
Free admission

Culture Station Seoul 284
1 Tongil-ro, Jung-gu
Seoul 100-162, Korea
T. 82-2-3407-3500
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Hosted by
Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

Organized by
Korea Craft & Design Foundation
Korean Society of Typography


Typojanchi 2013
Administration Office
Korea Craft & Design Foundation
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Seoul 110-240, Korea
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Typojanchi 2011
English / 한국어
Hangul Day Eve Festival:
Before Writing, After Speaking
7:30 pm–9:00 pm
The Typojanchi 2013 Hangul Day Eve Festival, “Before Writing, After Speaking” is a multidisciplinary performance program to celebrate the night before Hangul was born. Sans-serifs and sans-scripts but with a lot of light, voices and Ping-Pong balls, the program presents performance works that do not directly speak of letters but use vision and sound—the surfaces of writing and language—as a medium. Without relying on technological means such as a beamer or sound system, the program attempts to maximize the primordial sensuality that each work is meant to invoke.
Curated by
Hong Chulki
7:30 pm
The French poet and filmmaker Gil J. Wolman (1929–1995) was a main member of the Letterist International, a precursor to the Situationist International. His most well-known work, L’Anticoncept (1952) consisted of blank illumination projected through a hole punched directly on a film and onto a balloon, accompanied by a spoken soundtrack by Wolman himself. The film artist Lee Hangjun and the poet Kim Tae-yong translate the work into Korean and perform it in the space.
Original (1952) by
Gil J. Wolman
Translated and performed by
Lee Hangjun and Kim Tae-yong
25 minutes
8:00 pm
Bounce.Befall is part of a conceptual sound/music performance series created in 2011 by the experimental composer Choi Joonyong. On top of two structures in a space, two performers drop Ping-Pong balls at predetermined intervals. The performance ends when the last ball stops bouncing—or when the audience stops returning the balls. The work attempts to provide direct and vivid sonic experience through an ordinary technique, questioning the supposed superiority of processed and abstract music and the notion of valuable sound.
Composed by
Choi Joonyong
Performed by
Choi Joonyong and Jin Sang-tae
25 minutes
8:30 pm
Feral Choir
The British musician Phil Minton has been active as a free-improvising vocalist since the 1960s, and has organized the choir workshop and performance project Feral Choir since the 1980s. The most important aspect of Feral Choir is that there are no qualifications for participation: anyone—with or without training in singing or performance—can join Minton’s workshop and test the gamut of his or her own voice. Unbound by any musical rules, a participant can use one’s own body as a musical instrument, exploring and expanding the potentials. Since its inception, Feral Choir has inspired much enthusiasm and excitement from the participants as well as the audience in over twenty cities around the world.
Workshop and choir conducted by
Phil Minton
Supported by
Hong Chulki and Lee Mi-yeon
25 minutes
October 6, 3–6 pm
October 7, 7–10 pm

Century FC Performance at Venn Festival 2008 from Feral Choir on Vimeo.

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